Like sheep to the slaughter

Political correctness has been an issue in the past few years. Not only that you always have to pay attention if you might say something discriminable but also that the freedom of speech may vanish.

Always paying attention to what you say, trying to not offend anyone, trying to be political correct, is that still freedom of speech? The answer is simply no, as Larry Hunt once said “Freedom of speech does not protect speech you like; it protects speech you do not like” saying that even you don’t like the other opinion you have to respect it. But does that mean you are allowed to hold hate-speech or is there a point we should not pass?

If we should be able to say everything what is on our mind we should also be able to say something against a specific group of people eg a religion, gender, love interessts and so on, right? In real life this is sadly an Utopia, society does not tolerate it. Society says that if your opinion offends anybody, you have to keep it to yourself. In other words you have to be ‘political correct’ otherwise you must not tell anyone your opinion. But who decides what is political correct and what not?

Actually, society as a whole does. The problem is that everybody has a different view over a topic and thinks that different pronouncements or words are discriminable. All in all most people agree on terms that are a ‘No-Go’ and which not, however there are some words only an individual finds offending and here is the problem. Like Sir Winston Churchill once said “Some people’s idea of free speech is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage”.

Concluding we can say that if freedom of speech should work there cannot be any terms forbidden because if we do so no improvements can be made, a part of the human rights won’t exist and neither a free society. Like in of of George Washingtons statements “If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”


[Add.: For those who want to know how free speech is handled in Austria: As in every country there is not a 100% freedom of speech, but compared to other countries we can be pretty happy. You can say most things which are on your mind, however you still get a nasty look when you offend a specific group of people.]

Women’s rights, Feminism and equal rights

Before I start with my actual text, I will write down some general facts about women’s rights. The first movements started in the 18th century and women wanted the same rights as men. Starting by being able to work and get jobs, earn money after being married, wearing trousers like men and don’t be seen as an object and of course being able to vote. However these points are just summed up and there are some few left. Back to the right to vote; it began at the end of the 20th century that women could vote actively in Wyoming. But it took some until (todays) Europe made it legal too. Before that, either the man could sometimes allow or deny it.

Lets start with my actual text:

Why do people (mostly men) always think that being a feminist and stand up for equal rights is the same? There is a difference and even though the difference is small, it still exists. Standing up for the same rights means that women want to vote, have the same job opportunities, earn the same amount of money as men working in the same position as they are, work in a political position and don’t be seen as an object and therefore being able to wear everything they want without being scared of being raped. This all happens without protest marches.

Feminists act in a more offensive way. They go on protest marches and do that what the people standing up for the same rights don’t do. Feminists act. The others just talk. Most times this happens in a radical way for example the austrian hymne has a line saying (translated) “all people become brothers” but now after some feminists protested it has been changed into “all people become brothers and sisters”.  Which isn’t wrong, but I mean it is an old text so I don’t see a problem in mentioning only “brothers” and not “sisters” too.


So long story short: People who stand up for their rights just talk and feminists act. That’s the difference. And just because you want the same rights as men doesn’t mean you are a feminist, because for that you need to have courage.